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Life on a private server.

>> Saturday, November 3, 2012

So, playing on a BC private server has its ups and downs. First off, you get to play WoW during what many consider the best expansion...The Burning Crusade. You get that sense of community that seems to be lacking on current retail WoW servers with cross server....well, pretty much everything. However, there are some downsides to it as well. First off, on every private server I've ever played on, there are always bugged quests. There is no way to finish these and you simply have to skip them. Bit of a bummer when some of them are fun quests. Second, sometimes servers are attacked and can be down for days at a time. Now although this rarely ever happens, it is a risk you take playing there.

Now there are always bonuses that the servers give players as a "thank you for playing here". Many sites have it where you can vote on different sites to raise their status in the private server community, and for doing this, you get gold mailed to you. Yes, they give you free gold just for voting for them. Now at the same time, many of these servers rely on donations from those playing to keep up and running. In return for your donation, you get "x" amount of levels, certain weapons, trinkets, ect.

Now another thing to keep in mind with private servers is that most, not all, but most, are PvP servers. So once you level to 10, you are fair game to the opposing faction. Now before you freak, most people are not hunting people to gank. I've leveled up 2 characters to lvl70 on a private server and I've been ganked about 4 times total for both toons while I was leveling them. Most people keep the PvP to battlegrounds or arena....yes, several servers even have their own arena seasons.

So if you miss the good 'ol days of playing BC or simply would like to know what it was like, find a private server and go for it. The even provide you with a free copy of WoW that is compatible with the version they support. So jump in, have fun and I'll see you at the entrance to The Sunwell.


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