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Leave donators alone.

>> Sunday, November 4, 2012

Now I myself have not donated to a server in my time of playing on private servers. We need to get something out in the open and put a stop to the stupidness. People who donate are not losers, people who can't play, kids who stole their parents credit card or any other stereotype. Ok, I take that back. Some of them might infact be. But, the majority are not. They are normal players that want an item that they can't generally get due to availability of time to play or what not. Or perhaps they have leveled up so many different professions that they just wanna pay for it to be done, so they donate for it. Maybe they just wanna be nice to those running the server for letting them play there for free. The little fact that people tend to forget is this....donations keep the server up and running so that WE can still play on it.

So next time you see someone running around with legendary weapons that they donated to get, don't give them crap. Tell them thanks for making it so the rest of us cheap bastards can play on the server.


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